Shit My Teacher Says
Kid: why do we have to learn this
Math teacher: because fuck you


when the teacher calls on you and you get the answer right



omfg my teacher got the words ‘fingerprinted’ and ‘fingered’ confused so one time during english she was like “and here’s a picture of obama getting fingered” and my entire class went silent it was the most uncomfortable 5 minutes of our lives


When the teacher starts looking at you

so you just start writing random stuff down:


It is the year 2812
Teacher: Today we will be learning about a collective genre of humans called 'fangirls'. These 'fangirls' survived on nothing but nutella while 'blogging' on 'laptops' in a pitch dark room about various 'fandoms' on a website named 'tumblr', and spoke a distinctive language called 'adfasdflkj'
teacher: where is your homework?
me: whoa there! please wait an hour before asking any more questions.
When a teacher is yelling at a student and the student yells back.


You’re like


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When a teacher tells me to write a 1000 word essay,


Teacher: “You got a zero”

Me: “Why?”

Teacher: “You submitted a picture.”

Me: “A picture’s worth a thousand words.”


Need a laugh?

teacher: okay class, listen, get out a piece of lined paper, fold it length wise, put your name, date, and period in the upper right hand corner, title it "____ notes", and number 1 through 25 without skipping lines
student 1: how do we fold it
student 2: do we skip lines
student 3: can i have some paper bro
student 4: do we have to title it
student 5: what's the date
me: i'm going to kill all of you